Foundation Miasta Sportu is a non-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote sports and employees volunteering in Poland, as well as supporting young talented athletes in their career development.

The founder of the Foundation Miasta Sportu is a sports marketing agency Sport Evolution.

- As part of our core business we realize many of the actions of a non-for-profit organizations. As a business entity we encountered many legal and administrative constraints. We believe that the Foundation will help many young athletes to develop their career and talent. Our knowledge, experience and the support of experts from various fields within the Council of the Foundation will help effectively manage money acquired from donators - Michał Drelich, Managing Director of SE Group.

The Foundation Miasta Sportu Council

The invitation to sit on the Foundation Miasta Sportu Council welcomed people of great authority who have achieved in their profession undeniable success. We believe that diverse knowledge and experience will help us in the most comprehensive way to measure the tasks for which the Foundation Miasta Sportu was established. 

The Council of the Foundation consists of:

Stefan Szczepłek - Polish sports journalist, commentator.
Iwona Guzowska - Polish kick-boxer and politician, Member of Parliament of VI and VII term.
Tomasz Karolak - Polish actor playing in theater, television and films; Artistic director of IMKA Theatre in Warsaw.
Artur Pupka - professor and doctor of medicine; specialist in vascular surgery, general angiology, clinical transplantation and sports medicine.
Krzysztof Lewandowski - President of EuCO S.A.



  • Trainings for volunteers about First Aid rules and in terms of the Act on safety of mass events, along with becoming eligible to work as an information service at sports events
  • A scholarship program for young, talented athletes, whose talent is going to shine during the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020  


Together with our partners and donors we are going to run from January 2016 a special scholarship program for young, talented athletes, whose talent is going to shine during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and the peak of their form is going to appear at the Olympic Games in 2024 year.

We believe that our knowledge and experience can help someone in the development of sports career. Our scholars will be offered not only coaching and financial support, but also marketing and PR support.

Postulations of the program:

Athletes who will be qualified to the Multisport Team Tokyo 2020 will take part in a 4-year scholarship, coaching and marketing care. However, in the middle of the program (after 2 years) they will be verified - by continuous assessment of the progress of a competitor in both the sporting and personal area. At this point, the cooperation may be suspended or continued.

The main difference in our approach is based on the belief that the house is built from the foundations, not from the roof. We believe that it is a mistake, especially in relation to young athletes, to give them money directly into their account, because they can not use that money competently. They usually overeat or squander them.

A much better idea seems to be that athletes will be surrounded by a team of experts who will guide a career of an young athlete. If he uses this opportunity, the money will occur with time.

Therefore, by building a team of such expenditure structure in the first place we put on the employment of highly successful coach and team manager.

The task of scouts/coaches will be to find candidates for the Team. Selected candidates will be thoroughly investigated, also in terms of motivation and psychological predispositions, this is why in the team we have sports psychologist. Only in the case of qualifying an athlete to the Team, Scouts will receive remuneration in the form of a success fee, and previous coaches/clubs an equivalent for training.

A team will have from 4 to 10 athletes (depending on our financial possibilities). The athlete entering the team will be guaranteed:
- a coaching care, including financing or co-financing of 2-3 climate camps with Jan Rehula;
- a managerial care, including the organization of trips to the competitions, representing the athlete to potential sponsors, etc.
- the marketing and PR care;
- a care of sports psychologist;
- a medical care;
- an equipment support (scale depends on acquired sponsors and/or funds).

In addition to distribution among all team athletes there will be an amount of money divided proportionally to the achivements of successes. For example, achivements will be valued in Polish, Europe or the World Championship, as well as high scored places in the competition of ETU/ITU.

Only in the case of a high level of sports (entry into the Olympic ranking) an athlete will be paid a monthly scholarship.

Candidates who can enter the Team will be only competitors in the older junior age (19 years) or younger. RECRUITMENT TO THE TEAM will start in the first part of 2016!

Meet the Multisport Team Tokio 2020:

Head coach – Jan Rehula
Bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000) in triathlon, currently a coach working with high-class athletes who worked with the Junior Polish National Team in Europe, Korea and Australia. His ward was, among others, Simon Whitfield, gold medalist at the Olympics in Sydney and silver from the Beijing Olympics.

Team Manager – Zbigniew Łasica
A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, from an early age associated with sport. Instructor of swimming, sailing and motorboat sports. Member of the AZS-AWF Warsaw club, an associate of the Akademia Triathlonu. The founder of travel agency Noble Concierge, co-owner of a travel agency Sporturismo which supports Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia and Polish Triathlon Association.

Sports psychologist - Wojciech Herra 
Trained as a psychologist, a specialist in the field of Psychology of Organization and Management. A graduate of postgraduate study in Human Resource Management and the School of Business Trainers Workshop organized by the TROP and Polish Psychological Association. Currently a PhD student of the psychology department of University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw - conducting research on the influence of personality on the merchant's sales effectiveness for existing and new customers.

PR, Marketing&Sponsoring Manager – Michał Drelich
A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. Managing Director of sports marketing agency Sport Evolution.



Remember that what targets we will achieve depends also on you!

Each of you can help to develop an activity of our Foundation by transferring donations to the following account:

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Foundation Miasta Sportu
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Donations can be also made during registration to Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia/PZU Gdynia Half Marathon. Just check the application form program that you want to support and indicate the amount (not less than 1 Euro/5 PLN), which will be added to the entry fee, and then transferred to the account of the Foundation Miasta Sportu.

The financial support given to the Foundation Miasta Sportu is dedicated entirely for statutory purposes.

Thank you to all who choose to support the activities of our Foundation. More about the Foundation's activities you can find on the website: