ATTENTION! Non-wetsuit race!


Due to a high water temperature in Zegrzyński Lake (over 26 Celsius), here's the official statement on the use of wetsuits.

Please be informed we will have a non-wetsuit swim tomorrow. This applies to both PRO and age group athletes.

Attention! If you feel really uncomfortable and insecure without a wetsuit, you will be allowed to enter the competition with a wetsuit on, BUT under the following conditions:
- you will start at the end of the rolling start (enter the last start zone);
- you will be timed but not classified;
- you will not be eligible for age group awards;
- you will not be eligible for AWA points.

Regarding relay swimmers - you will be allowed to swim in a swimsuit, but in such a case your relay team will not be classified - although your time will be measured. Start according to schedule - 9:05.

Safety is the primary reason behind this decision - together with the ITU and IRONMAN Competition Rules that clearly say wetsuits should be forbidden in case of such water temperature. With a desire to enable everyone to race, we will allow wetsuits, but athletes who decide to swim in a swimsuit, need to be aware of the above-mentioned conditions.

We hope for your understanding and wish everyone a successful and SAFE RACE!