Counting down 30 days to go!


It's only 30 days to go! Just for no one to forget, we have placed a giant MDOT-shaped countdown clock on the Vistulan Boulevards in Warsaw.

- Vistulan Boulevards is not only a walking place. This unique area attracts both youngsters and elder people who simply want to spend their time in an active way. I do hope for their loud support for the athletes on June 10, during Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw – says Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of the city of Warsaw.

1300 athletes have already registered for the race, including a constantly growing number of international triathletes.

- This year we have this amazing finish on the boulvards and a brand new run course. We want to show some new places in Warsaw and the city's diversity. Being on the run course, athletes will have an opportunity to see some landmarks like Swietokrzyski Bridge, The Mermaid of Warsaw monument, National Stadium or Copernicus Science Centre – says Michał Drelich, race director.

Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw is scheduled for June 10, with accompanying Kids Run taking place on the Vistulan Boulevards the day before.

Registration is still open: