Kardio Sport Plus


The extended cardiology-related diagnostics is available for patients aged 18+ and practising sports. The examinations carried out under the programme indicate to the patient the risks and dangers related to health that may arise during the performance of physical activity.

Range of services provided:
1. Qualifying consultation conducted by an internal medicine specialist.

2. Laboratory tests:
- blood count + smear,
- sodium,
- potassium,
- creatinine,
- lipid profile.
- glucose,
- TSH.

3. Diagnostic tests and examinations:
- resting ECG,
- cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography),
- Holter ECG,
- exercise test with ECG, BP and physical capacity assessment,
- chest X-ray
- Spirometry

4. A thorough cardiology consultation (with an authority recognised in the field of cardiology), summary of the programme with a discussion of results and issuance of recommendations for the future, as well as issuance of a certificate confirming lack of cardiology-related contraindications for sports that require intense physical effort (in the case of positive findings).

5. Hospitalisation Consultant service for 3 months from package activation.

6. Coordination of performance of examinations and consultations by a Programme Assistant who will coordinate the performance of a series of diagnostic tests, laboratory tests and medical consultations at a convenient time.


The price of "Kardio sport plus" is 950 PLN.


To buy Kardio Sport Plus you have to contact: marek@sportevolution.pl


Health care facilities offering the examination are to be found in the following cities:

- Warsaw